January 27th, 2003

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Killing time

I will be struck down by a meteor!

How will you die? Take the
Exotic Cause of Death Test

What less likely then being struck by lightning? That's right, a meteor strike!
Just your luck!

I'd rather be crushed by a giant duck, but so be it. These quizzes are scientifically accurate, after all.

*watches FNC*

Kind of a blah day so far. The dining hall doesn't open for dinner til 430 so I'm just killing time til then. After class I walked alllll the way down to Hand Hall - across campus - to find out about work study openings. Turns out the whole thing is online. Oy. There's this whole erecruiting.com thing where you have to upload your resume yadda yadda yadda. Too much hassle for a work study job, if you ask me. I'm going to have Jamie get me a letter of recc from my old World History/Yearbook teacher so I can apply to the local youth center. They never got back to me the last time I applied there, but now I'm more comfortable with being a pain in the ass.

The whole money thing has come up because I just ordered my new web hosting account *vehemently flips hostonce the bird*. With domain and everything, it actually cost $66, which is a little more than the above bastards, but $39 of that is a one-time set-up fee. If I stick with these guys (aha, that's their evil plan!) it will only cost $25/year. Not bad. Plus I get unlimited everything. Actually, let me restate -- "unlimited" everything. Tricky little mothers.

*Looks over hosting setup email* Oh, swell, another UK company *ducks* ;)

(I'll still be putting the you-know-what's on the you-know-where for my you-know-whos... and I'll just have to hide from people who only want me for my server space.)

News Flash: Could these Raiders fans possibly be any more stupid?

After the website stuff, I called Alen Badal at the local elementary school to find out about my fieldwork assignment. Yeah, right. The guy muttered for a while about "Well, I think UOP sent me some paperwork, Alissa..." before telling me to come in tomorrow at 8:30am. I love the dear man already.

News Flash:That Iraqi ambassador's been sampling a few too many chemical weapons.

I wrote about 8 pages longhand of my zine fic this weekend. I'm slightly concerned by its lack of plot. It's kind of becoming a Vignette from Hell, now that I think about it. Oh well. I'll start typing it up and try to finish it this week. Perhaps it'll be a good little VfH and resolve itself.

*changes her DNS info* Okay... in 24-48 hours, I'll be at http://www.two-lights.net . Note the -! It's very important!
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