January 3rd, 2003

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Firstly... oooh I am so mad. UOP isn't posting our grades on the school website until January 9th. It's not enough that they no longer mail our grades to us... now they can't even get the Administration off their asses long enough to put them online. Argh.

Secondly, while I was writing some fic feedback-feedback, I started thinking again about the whole "ship as a function of plot vs ship as a function of character" thing. Yam, was that you I was discussing this with? Anyhoo, I think it's part of the reason why there are people out there who are open to reading Sam/Jack but can't find a fic that is 'believable'.

I think it comes down to the fact that most SJ writers, being shippers themselves, see ship as being a function of character. That's why the smallest scene between Sam and Jack can be termed shippy (whether or not she says yes ;)). Under this, let's say, "model", ship is inherent because it is an accepted part of the characters. Shippers go into an episode or a fic with it already firmly in mind that Sam and Jack have feelings for each other which they would act on if only the right trigger could be found. A great deal of shipfic - at least the subgenre that concludes in a Happily Ever After - is the search for a palatable trigger.

Meanwhile, you have the non-shippers. Not anti-shippers, not people who feel sick at the very thought of Sam/Jack who would rather gouge their eyes out with hot pokers than read it (sort of the reaction I have to AQ's fic), just people who "don't see it on the show" but haven't necessarily ruled it out in fic. It seems that they would see ship as being a function of plot: a scene between Sam and Jack isn't shippy unless there's actual relationship-related content, and the existence of the relationship (or the feelings) must be explicitly and plausibly stated in fic. Even justified, even though that's a touchy word. A trigger is still required, but it requires deeper roots to be realistic.

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