November 8th, 2002

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New Music Video

Title: Eat It

By: Weird Al Yankovic (lyrics)

Size: 4.9 MB

Spoilers: Aw, heck yeah. All the way up to Nightwalkers. Yum yum.

Pairing: Stargaters/Food

Notes: After all the eating the people on this show do, I think a video like this was inevitable. At least that's what I told the psychologist. And then he turned into a huge black bird and flew out the window. But I digress. Look for a cameo from everyone's faaaaavorite donut-loving PTB!
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This is your brain. This is your brain on WiPs.

So I started out last night playing around with a different, more sparse, writing style, and somehow that silly rambling has turned itself into a semi-fic. I blame outside factors. See, I've been reading The Starlight Crystal by Chris Pike again. It's YA, it's weird and it's got plot holes the size of Missouri, but I love it. Its time travel and its wacky and I just dig it. And I've been trying to fic-adapt it for ages now... even back when I was still writing (or attempting to write) X-Files fic. Unfortunately, XF wasn't spacey enough. But Stargate...

Anyway, when I got to the two-page point I figured I might as well do something with it. And that something is to annoy Yam (who I know is still waiting for more Sleepers; sorry hun) and maybe somehow inspire myself to keep going. Even though it will be almost impossibly weird.

So... no promises that I'm ever going to finish this. Read at your own peril.

"How do I explain a life that has lasted for billions of years? It is almost as if I must start with an apology for being alive when everyone I once knew is dead. But because my love for them still lives, I believe their souls forgive me. But does the universe? I wonder."
-- The Starlight Crystal, by Christopher Pike

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