October 17th, 2002

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Notes To Self

This weekend...
- Cereal
- Soda
- Bagels
- Halloween candy & 'costume'

God, is my life exciting or what?
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Ship. It's what's for dinner.


It's not like I would soil myself by actually going there, but a little bird told me that the little psyche-ward dropouts over on the SDJ board are whining about ship again. Trying to come up with 'proof' that the actors are against it, and engaging in such meaningful and open-minded conversations as

SDJ #1: What's an example of evidence that Sam and Jack have feelings for each other?
SDJ #2: Why, I've never seen any such thing!
SDJ #1: Exactly! That's proof that it doesn't exist!

Cause you know, if there's anything that describes SDJ as a collective, it's "meaningful and open-minded".


So I know this has been brought up before, but what is it with the hard line Denialites and hating SJ? Setting aside for the moment the foregone conclusion that most Denialites are JDers (cause you know, that would be a generalization. Le gasp, le 'eek'!), what is the beef?

Obviously FH had his own issues... I recall some snide comment in an interview about how the relationship was a 'red herring'. And sure, I'm willing to admit that he could have just been referring to the part the ship played in D&C, when in a way it kind of was a red herring to what was going on (i.e. evil Marty), but I'm not about to think that the TSers can reason that clearly. Maybe they just figured they'd pick up the banner of their beloved?

Could it be good old fashioned Sam envy... the kind that has existed in this fandom for years, and has been coming mainly from the hard-line Daniel camp? Do they dislike Sam because they dislike ship, or do they dislike ship because she's the S in S/J?

I don't know... I've seen too many posts, thoughout the seasons, to the tune of "They've been casting the Jack/Daniel friendship aside for this tawdry little Sam and Jack thing!!!" to ignore. It's the same kind of tunnel vision that I believe has been the cause of so many problems in this fandom... the inability of some people to realize that what they like in the show might not be what everyone likes. That where they want the series (and by default, the characters and plots) to go may not be where the PTB want it to go. And instead of dismissing it as 'creative difference of opinion', these people have to villify the 'opposition'. They are compelled to make it 'us versus them', and that's far more harmful than just wanting an actor/character back really really baaaaad.

I won't deny that the Sam/Jack relationship, both on the screen and in my imagination, is one of my favorite things about the show. Yet... if it hadn't been brought to the forefront, I wouldn't have started rallying against the writers et al in a pathetic attempt to get them to write the show the way I wanted. I have the sense to realize that, not only is it pointlessly frustrating, it's not fair to anybody. Nor is it wise. It's turning what's supposed to be fun and positive into work, and hey, it's work enough just finishing fic.

And, trying to bring this back on topic, I don't recall any shippers, during S5, blaming a lack of closeness on another character, much less Daniel. So what gives?
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