September 3rd, 2002

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2002 SG-1 Awards

Part one of, I'm sure, many, because I can't possibly go through all of these in one sitting.

This may amount to biting the hand that feeds me, because yes, I had stories of mine nomed to the awards, and I OKed those stories to be voted on, and I was kinda happy that I won something, even if the graphic for the award is... well, the picture is horrid. But that can be changed. In any case... I don't see anything wrong with commenting on some of the winners this year.

My opinions, no one else's.


Overall Best Author -- BadgerGater

I began to read Badger's stories when I entered fandom, mostly because I loved Jack and there wasn't enough fic written about him. Still isn't. But... I don't know, her stuff never really clicked with me. Maybe it was the Jack/Sara tendances, maybe it was something else.

Compared to... 2001 Winner: ELG. A slight improvement.


Best New Author -- Pough

It's true I haven't read a lot of Pough. She's okay, probably better than a lot as far as technical writing goes, but her versions of the characters don't seem realistic to me. A little too cliched, maybe.


Overall Best Story -- Quality of Mercy by ELG

One of too many technically-good stories that try to communicate a plot but get sidetracked by major Danny loving. I guess this would be the time to mention that I don't have anything against loving Danny, but when it's the writer's adoration that gets transmuted to the other characters, who them spend all their time contemplating Daniel's wonderfulness... well, it's a bit too much for this reader.

Compared to... 2001 Winner: Ripples by ELG. Sadly it's a choice between two ELG stories here. It has to be said that I at least got through most of QoM, while the first paragraph of Ripples gave me the bad characterization willies. 'Oh woe is me, for my Daniel is upset, whatever can I do to ease his pain, alas...'


Skipping ahead, because it's not like this is formal or anything.


Best Smarm & Best HC Story -- There Is A Pain So Utter by Pough

Another one I couldn't finish. Daniel's in constant pain, he's hacking up bloody tissue and having random freak outs, but no one notices and Daniel never tells anyone. Finally Jack flings him uncermoniously at Fraiser (but ya know, he only does it because he cares) and we learn that Daniel has cancer. Well, call me childish, but I saw the word 'testicular' and decided maybe my time would be better spent elsewhere. Like, anywhere elsewhere. And it really wasn't just the 'testicular' thing. The story just lacked oomph.

Compared to... 2001 Winner for Smarm: Prodigal Son by Biblio. I'm sorry... I don't read slash thinly masked as gen.

Compared to... 2001 Winner for H/C: Go And Catch A Falling Star by Doc. Love Doc. Love love love Doc. Did I mention the love?


Best Alternate Universe Story -- Through A Glass Darkly by Apocrypha

Tied in my mind with Yuma's Fate's Reflection for Tedious AU. There's an Alternate Universe. People are evil in it. Much drama and fun ensues... if you buy Evil!Daniel. Personally, I found him, well... to my way of thinking, if you're writing an AU, the characters should at least be somewhat recognizable. Even if they're complete nutjobs, there should still be something in there that is a connection between that character and their counterpart. Evil!Daniel didn't seem to have that... he was just there to be mean and nasty... apparently so at the end Jack can pat *his* Danny's cheek and thank his lucky stars.


Can't compare with last year's winner... didn't read it.


And that will conclude tonight's ranting... I swear I'll probably have a point to this after it's all over.
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2002 SG-1 Awards, part deux

Yes, folks, we're back... not quite as snarky tonight, nor as long, but we'll see what we can do.


Best Jack Story & Best Daniel Story -- Quality of Mercy by ELG

*rolls eyes* See below for my opinions on this story and author. However, taking into account that last year's winner for Best Jack fic was called Dammit Daniel I suppose it's a step in the right direction.


Best Sam Story -- The Weather Outside by Doc

Doc's stories are just some of the best in fandom. That's about all I can say. This is a completely personal bias, of course, just like my dislike of the above stories, but I could reread any of Doc's fics once a week and not get tired of them. She and OzK have consistantly make me think... why oh why did they get that goof McConnel to write the SG-1 novels and not one of these ladies?

(Yes, I know WHY. But I still think it.)

Compared to... 2001 Winner: In The Name of Science by PHO. A pretty good story, interesting concept, but I thought it could have been made a little... fuller. Personal style thing, I guess, but at least there isn't another character's name in the title ;)
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