August 26th, 2002

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Back to School III: The Joy Of Entry-Level Classes

Figured this should at least warrant a LJ entry *g*

Had my first class this morning... Spanish. I was wincing through most of the class because the attendance policy is somewhat unforgiving.... we're allowed to miss 3 classes/labs, and I'll have to miss 3 classes and 1 lab for Gatecon alone. Pondering emailing the Prof and explaining the situation to her. I can eat the point deductions if I have to, but I don't want her to think I just stopped coming out of nowhere. Bleh. Mediocre start to the semester, that.

I have my first Spanish lab at 330... hopefully before then I'll be able to go pick up my new ID card and use it to buy my books. And I have the strangest urge to go down to Target or something and buy a plant. I have no idea why... I don't think I've ever owned a plant that's lasted longer than 2 weeks. Rounding out tonight is a 3-hour art class... I'm really hoping that the art part will be fun enough to temper the 3-hour part, and that we're not going to be expected to have any actual artistic talent. Give me PhotoSuite and some screen caps and I can put together something passable, but otherwise...

15 days to go :)
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