August 1st, 2002

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"Sleepers" snippit #1

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

There were some things that Jack O'Neill had no opinion on, but the SGC - which roughly comprised his life these days - was emphatically not one of them. Participation in the Stargate Program was not up for the highest bidder. It was not a UN venture -- thank God. It was not a matter of finders keepers, either. So Russia had retrieved the Gate from the ocean a few years ago. Swell for them. So they'd ended up with the DHD from the Germans. That was nice too. But Stargate and DHD - and of course now they didn't have either - did not a functioning program make. As far as Jack was concerned, Russia had demonstrated its remarkable ineptitude when it came to Stargate technology on its own soil.

Even after taking into account all the things that the SGC wasn't, it still remained that it was a bargaining chip... again, according to the policy makers in Washington -- and Moscow. And the chips had been passed around the table a few times now. As disgusted as Teal'c had been to learn his life had been saved by Adrian Conrad's Gou'ald, Jack had been unsettled by the fact that the 'good graces' of the Russian military were equally responsible. Because it hadn't been grace, it had been strategy. Hammond, of course, would never let Jack forget that a Russian team had been his idea, and would also never accept that he hadn't been serious. But come on... had the General actually believed that Jack would replace Daniel with a Ruskie?

Kovloz was speaking quietly to Voronin now. In Russian. Which meant the Captain could be remarking on anything from the beauty of the Colorado weather to how much of an asshole the guy behind them was. Jack clenched his jaw, determined not to betray the steady rise of his blood pressure. They were trying to get a rise out of him, and he wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of letting them know they were succeeding.

It was the longest elevator ride in SGC history.
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