April 24th, 2002

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It's a beautiful day in the neeeeighborhood...

Actually, it's pretty disgustingly nice outside right now. Almost summery. Witness nature screwing with the minds of every person on campus who should be inside working/studying/writing for finals... yeah, me included. But I'm lazy regardless of the season.

Language essay. Right. You know, it's a lot harder to get worked up about a first draft then it used to be. It's just so meaningless. Like during high school when we had to run the mile for PE. They'd have you run it in the beginning of the year, and again at the end, and you had to improve or they labeled you as somehow dysfunctional. Solution? Run the first lap really, really, really slowly. Duh. The moral of this story: the final draft looks even better if the first draft sucks.

Oh, oh, get this. The latest conspiracy theory to come out of the Pit that is SDJ... Shanks was let go because TPTB are... hold on... wait for it... homophobic! Yes, sports fans... some time around the beginning of Season Four (you know, when it all went to hell in a pretty pink handbasket) TPTB *must* have gone online and seen alllll of the fans who just KNOW that Jack and Danny are deeply in love. Being homophobic, har har, this of course squicked them. Still following? They were not only squicked, they wanted to STOP the fans from thinking that. Yes, on top of everything else, TPTB want to control our thoughts! So, in the de-evolved fourth season, they brought in lots of conflict between Danny and his True Love. But it didn't work! Still the slashers were having bad bad thoughts! So during the fifth season, they turned the Heart and Soul of Stargate into the Wallpaper of Stargate. But no, those valiant and determined slashers would not be deterred. Despairing and increasingly squicked, TPTB finally just started elbowing Danny-boy out of the picture, inch by inch, until they'd elbowed him to the curb.

**sits back and cries with laughter**

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating...

What are these people ON?
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