April 10th, 2002

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Dum de dum dum

Made it through the day with a minimum of annoyances. Experimented with some regular coffee this morning. I haven't touched the stuff in months and my poor little body had gotten used to the slight rush of decaf. It kept me awake alright this morning, but I have to say it was interesting trying to file papers with shaking hands

Test went pretty OK. There was basically one question out of the ten I had no clue on, but besides that my hour-before-class cramming session did pretty well. And some of it actually helped me do some pondering on why so many "Daniel loves Jack and Jack loves Daniel... oh, but it's Gen" fics are out of character. Yay, priorities! ;)

The boys play at 7. Cross your fingers for them... the last thing we need after a 6-1 start is for them to get in a funk.

It's quite hilarious watching the reaction to ICGW. You've got the people who like it who don't even realize what it's a parody of... people who hate it because they realize what it's a parody of... people who realize AND like it... people who liked it before they found out who made it... *giggles* They all make me laugh.

No work tomorrow, and my first two classes have been canceled, so I'm enjoying my freedom and trying to rev myself up for some serious research paper researching. The "OMG it's due in a week" panic has yet to set in. Not a great thing.

You know, if people sent me feedback about my classwork, I would probably like doing it a lot more. It's just that... while fandom/fic = warm fuzzies, homework does not. Hmm. I'll mention it to my professors in the end of the year eval. I think the occasional email from them, to the tune of "Oh... my... god... that ppr was, like, SO good... r u going to rite NEmore?" would really motivate people.
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