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Manic Tuesday

There's nothing more aggrevating than going into work on Tuesday than going into work on Tuesday when you've had Monday off.

I swear, these extended weekends are as much a curse as a blessing. It's just one more day to sit on your duff, get wonderfully lethargic and lazy, twiddle around on the computer... and then bam. Back to the grind. And I only worked five hours today! Tomorrow I go in at 7:15 but, since the next few days are Orientation for the preschool, it sounds like I won't be there late. Maybe even home in time for lunch, I hope I hope. In any case, it'll be an early night for me. My head is killing me.

Of course, that could have something to do with the unpleasant reminder of the percentage of idiots in this fandom. As a couple folks on my friends list have mentioned, the overnight ratings for "Enemy Mine" were not great -- a 1.2, rounding up. Both in James Tichenor's blog and on OurStargate (I assume), the little freakies are blaming that number on both the lack of Jack/Daniel wub (which 'people' like) and the TVGuide's threatening nudging -- aka, the possibility of Sam/Jack wub (which 'people' hate).

Therefore, every person who read the TVGuide article, including those who had watched the previous week, were automatically so disgusted by the mere prospect of two characters 'getting closer' that they refused to watch that week's episode.

It must be fun, being that deluded.

Today's story of interest: Hip-Hop Artists Rewrite the Dictionary.
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