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Just a tidbit -- casting

Is this a spoiler? I don't think it's a spoiler... everyone I know, especially, the shippers, know the 'big deal' about Chimera. But at the risk of being decapitated by some spoiler virgin, I guess I'll cut it.

According to Joe M., Sam's 'love interest' is played by David DeLuise. Yes, another DeLuise *g*. I don't think I've seen him in any actual shows (never was much of a fan of 3rd Rock) but I'm pretty sure he was the one in those dog food commercials...
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I don't even remember him being on 3rd Rock and I watched that show every week. I remember him on "Jesse" with Christina Applegate and one ep of seaQuest DSV that was overflowing with DeLuises. ;) All four of them were on it. Peter and Michael were regulars. Dom played Michael's dad in the ep. And David was just a guy in bar. :)
All four of them were on it.

Five, actually; David's baby daughter was in an episode as well. I can't remember the name of it, but it was the one where two of Dagwood's (a.k.a Peter DeLuise) genetically engineered brethren manage to concieve a child. There's a very funny moment at the end when Dagwood asks if this "makes him an uncle."
Well, I meant that the one particular ep had the four of them in it. But, hey cool. I didn't know the Dagger baby was a DeLuise, too.
Awwww...he's dead. Pity. He's cute ;)

And thank you for the LJ cut, Allikins. Wasn't too spoilery, but it is mucho appreciated :)
He was also in the priceless Land Rover commercial that my girls and I still imitate, "Take me with you!"

"I can start a fire with two sticks!"

He was so cute in that!

He also played a free bleeder in an ep of CSI last season. They thought he'd been murdered because of all the cast off blood in an apartment he trashed before he left, but he wasn't. It was gross.