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As posted on the samandjack list...

I thought "Enemy Mine" was absolute dullsville. I wouldn't go *quite* so far as to say that the best part
was when it said "Executive Producer: Robert C. Cooper", but it came close ;)

To be fair, the Unas storyline has always bored me and an hour of Daniel teaching the lesser, military men the Right Way of Doing Things is not my idea of a good time.

I can't wait to hear the self-proclaimed fans of the 'team' talking about what a horrible episode this was because Sam, Jack and Teal'c all had minimal parts... and if you believe that, I have a seaport in Colorado Springs to sell you.

*coughs up an Unas-flavored hairball*


Oh God. I just made a comparison between Daniel and Pocahontas, and now I have this horrifying mental image of him singing "Colors of the Wind" to Jack's John Smith.


* from the song Enemy Mine.
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mmmhm, which eps did it rehash? the obvious was spirits, jack even got hurt in the same arm.

someone on gw posted this, and i like the sentiment...the show is so worried about sam/jack portraying the military in a bad light, but they allow assholes like edwards???? So, they like people to get the idea that the us military is 'shoot first, shoot second and pick their pockets before they wake up' attitude?

At first, edwards wasn't that bad, but after 40 odd minutes of him chewing the scenery and acting all over testosteroned, i was ready to sic the unas on him just to shut him up.

180 the other way is super bandanny with his sudden fluency in unas speak, dashing through the woods ready to whack the mean military upside the head with his moralistic louisville slugger.

I like the subplot idea, there needed to be some tension, some urgency to the whole mess other than vidrine and the joint chiefs.

Now on the bright side...Major Warren. The dark haired cuties.....sigh. mine, all mine