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*twiddles thumbs*

As posted on the samandjack list...

I thought "Enemy Mine" was absolute dullsville. I wouldn't go *quite* so far as to say that the best part
was when it said "Executive Producer: Robert C. Cooper", but it came close ;)

To be fair, the Unas storyline has always bored me and an hour of Daniel teaching the lesser, military men the Right Way of Doing Things is not my idea of a good time.

I can't wait to hear the self-proclaimed fans of the 'team' talking about what a horrible episode this was because Sam, Jack and Teal'c all had minimal parts... and if you believe that, I have a seaport in Colorado Springs to sell you.

*coughs up an Unas-flavored hairball*


Oh God. I just made a comparison between Daniel and Pocahontas, and now I have this horrifying mental image of him singing "Colors of the Wind" to Jack's John Smith.


* from the song Enemy Mine.
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