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All things considered

... it's been a pretty good day. I got to go home an hour early because we were overstaffed. I found out that I don't have to go to the training session Saturday and Sunday because, since I'm only working until the end of August, I'm not really worth it ;) The bad side of that is I may have to go to my mom's cousin Gail's memorial service instead (she died last week of brain cancer. Don't smoke, people).

I didn't really know Gail all that well, and that whole side of the family is majorly screwed up (Gail's brother Dale is currently going through his 3rd divorce; his girlfriend - who is half his age - is living in his house while his soon-to-be-ex sleeps in the kids' room). Plus, it was 103 today, and it's supposed to be just as hot tomorrow.

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And if you go back to the plus side, you got to go home an hour early today. Hold on to that thought. ;)

Oh and there's a new ep of SG1 today. One that's bound to be talked about this weekend. What fun.