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Finally brought myself to look at the TVG cover. RDA looks good. FH looks like a dipshit (shock). I do like the headline, though... it'll piss off the Trekkies :D
There is nothing more fun than pissing off Trek fans.

Except I was going to mention pissing off people within the Stargate fandom, but they're no fun anymore. Pissing off Trek fans is too amusing.
Fierce hero.

*chokes and gags on own words*

Carry on, I need to get a glass of water...or an oxygen mask...
I was wondering the same thing. I can think of one set of words for the acronym, but I'm not sure it should be mentioned in polite company.

Of course, I do love the title. It will be very interesting to see the Trek fans reaction ... ;)
Fussy Hirsute? Full of Himself?

These don't match up to the FH initials, but I think they apply to the Ego that is Michael Shanks: disdainful, haughty, high-and-mighty, insolent, lordly, overbearing, supercilious, too big for one's britches, bloated, pontifical, puffy, self-important, stuffy.

I also think these match up to the man as well: beetlehead, blockhead, bonehead, boob, booby, bufflehead, cabbagehead, chowderhead, chucklehead, chump, clod, clodpate, clodpoll, cluck, dimwit, dizzard, dodo, dodunk, dolt, dolthead, dope, doughhead, drip, duffer, dullard, dullhead, dumbbell, dumb bunny, dumb cluck, dumbhead, dummkopf, dummy, dunderhead, dunderpate, fathead, featherweight, goof, goon, hammerhead, idiot, ignoramus, ironhead, knothead, knucklehead, lackwit, lame-brain, lunk, lunkhead, moonraker, moron, muddlehead, mug, muggins, mutt, muttonhead, nitwit, noddy, noodle, numskull, oaf, pinhead, poke, prune, pumpkin head, put, schnook, simp, simpleton, spoon, squarehead, stunpoll, stupe, stupid, thickhead, thickskull, turnip, wantwit, woodenhead, zombie
lightweight; ass, donkey, fool, imbecile, jackass, jerk, nincompoop, ninny, schmo, schmuck.

Did you really know all these off the top of your head, or do you have a thesaurus handy?
I just thought that it made MS look short. What is it with all these publicity shots that are making him look so short? Or did he just shrink this year?

Won't even touch FH. Nuh uh. No clue what that means. *g*
Ah, pissing off Trekkies. One of my former favorite pasttimes. After seeing this cover and reading the headline, I think I may revert back to it, however!
{stamps feet}

i haven't seen the headline, what is it? i'm sure it'll be comedy, although i'm a trek fan... or i was, at least... does it count if i don't watch the current incarnation?

::ducks head in shame::

yup, i've come out with it, i'm a trekkie too, lol :P