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The 'homophobic' thing

I'm not really going to elaborate, because the people who know know and the people who don't are lucky *g* but I would be really interested to know how people are justified in calling me 'homophobic' based on my 'Ship...' post below. I've reread it and everything, and I don't get it.

No, I don't read slash. No, I don't understand the appeal, and obviously Morgan and I weren't going to see eye to eye on a lot of things (although I was enjoying the conversation and was saddened to see it end). But then again, I don't see eye to eye with a bunch of the HW on a LOT of things *g*

(Oops, there I go, blurting trade secrets...)

Anyway... how that translates to, quite literally, a 'fear of homosexuals/homosexuality'... wow, I have to admit, that one sailed right over my head.
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