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*laughs until she cries*

FH = F*** Head?


Try again, O Paranoid Bunch...
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Re: Stargate Fandom Abreviations and Jargon
SDJ = Save Daniel Jackson, a particular group of fans that fall under that heading.

And don't worry RA, I've been around the Stargate fandom for quite a few years now (4? 5? 6? I've lost track) and I still have no clue what fen, FH and a number of other fandom abbreviations mean.

But for the record, GC stands for Gatecon...that's the only other one I can think of O_o
Re: Stargate Fandom Abreviations and Jargon
*chuckles* No no... we LIKE new fans. Fresh meat *g*

Anyway, Ang explained SDJ (as well as they CAN be explained). The 'slash fen' thing, I'm not so sure... I don't do slash. As for 'FH'... it's my own personal nickname for Michael Shanks, whose behavior I haven't been particularly impressed with. What it stands for, well, I would tell you, but it's so much more fun watching people guess ;)

But c'mon, I'm at least creative enough to avoid use of profanity.
Re: Stargate Fandom Abreviations and Jargon
Not Anonymous, Just don't have a live journal.

So what does it stand for? Funny Hair?

Yea. I'll go ahead and guess that's not it.

Still don't wann tell?

- Dax