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This sunburn is starting to dry, and it's DRIVING ME INSANE!!!

Argh! It's itchy, and hurts, and itchy, and my nerve endings are like little needles constantly poking me, and it hurts just to have whisps of hair resting on my neck.


Long story short, V didn't get in trouble for her monumental act of dumbness, at least not as far as I can tell. When I went in yesterday morning (as H, a co-worker close to my age, put it, 'with an aura about me'), V didn't even comment. A few hours later, after someone else asked me about it in front of her, she finally asked, "Oh, did you get that yesterday?"

No... I got it during that other three-hour walk in the afternoon sun I took.

H mentioned that a few other people have voiced annoyance that V didn't get in trouble, or at least temporarily banned from taking field trips (as it was, she made them walk to the water park later that same day), because most people would. But I guess V has been there a while, so she's special.

The bright spot: I don't have to be into work tomorrow until 12:30, and I get to go home around 4ish.

Went to see T3 today with my dad and bro. Interesting movie, less 'oooh, lookie our sexy new Terminator!' than I had expected, although the TX had nowhere near the creepy charm of the T-1000 (and Robert Patrick should so have had a cameo!). Played on the same themes of fate and destiney of the last movie, but with a different message. T2 is still the best, but T3 isn't bad at all for the sequel to a sequel.

Watched Lilo and Stitch tonight with Shelby. One of the most adorable damn movies... makes me smile every time (except when I'm going insane from itching... see above).

Seeing an action movie (that would be T3, not L&S) actually kind of put me in the mood to write some action bits of one of my fics, but I can't concentrate with this pain/irritation. Should be fun trying to get to sleep.


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