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*wipes sweaty palms*

Well, I've bought my plane ticket to Vancouver!

$212... arriving in Van at 3:50pm on Wednesday and leaving at 6:50am on Monday.

The thing I'm worried about most now - like the last three years - is the amount of classes I'm going to miss, mostly the 3 English classes. I can only pray that the professor has at least 3 excused absences (and considering it's a MWF class, I don't think 3 absences over the whole semester is too much to ask) and that I won't be missing anything important. The class is called "Writing for the Disciplines" and I have no idea what that means, but I could handle, say, doing some reading on the plane or writing an essay a couple days early. Everyone cross your fingers for me.

I'll also be missing one service learning class (if the friggin' registrar ever enrolls me) and one classical mythology class. Not bad at all.

Now I really have to do something about this bomb site of a room I'm sitting in...

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