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Virgins Meet in Sin City, Tout Abstinence
LAS VEGAS (AP) - In a city known more for sin than virtue, a group of virgins from around the country gathered this weekend to send a message: wait until marriage.
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I've only been to Vegas once, but I can imagine it being a little like San Francisco -- things are so weird and outragous 24/7 that something as different as praising abstinance in the only city where prostitution is legal... well, it's kind of passed over ;)

As for the 'religion' thing, I've heard that it's similiar in Canada; laws regarding sex have passed there that never would in the US, at least not in my lifetime. I think statistics say that something like 60% of Americans consider religion to be an important part of their lives, while 30% of Canadians say the same. Not sure what the numbers are for Oz, but if I had to guess I would lean towards the Canadian numbers.
I don't know if I could do that

Well, I live in the States, but I'm married with four kids, so I wouldn't be very convincing. And way back when, things were very different. People were much more reluctant to discuss such things.
Well, I figure spoiler virgins would have to be exceptionally virginal not to know anything about FB. And if they're that virginal, what are they doing in my LJ, a place of corruption and misdeeds? ;)