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Why does stuff like this only happen when I'm PMSing?

Coincidence? I think not.

I had a doctor's appointment today because the child care center I'm working at wants me to have a physical and TB test on record (even though it's just a summer job. Whatever). I had a 1pm appointment, so I put in to leave work at 1pm, because the doc's is just down the street from the center. Maybe a three minute drive.

I sign into the doctor's office at 1:05. After making me wait for half an hour, the head nurse guy and some chick call me back, introduce themselves, shake my hand, and then tell me my appointment has been cancelled because I was late. Five minutes late. So they have to reschedule.

F***ing bastards.

I make the appointment, I take a half day off work, I haul my ass over there, pay my $20, wait half an hour... and then I get this little slap on the wrist because "physicals take a while to set up".

Well, since I made this appointment two damn weeks ago, you had more than enough time to set up, didn't you, shit-for-brains?

Well, "the doctor only just got the chart".

Really? Well I fulfilled my obligation to the chart half an hour ago. Maybe you should pay more attention to how punctual your receptionists are, you friggin brain donor reject?

Argh. As though I needed more proof that Brentwood is populated by pricks and losers.

Now I need to remember to call to make sure the assholes don't deposit the co-pay check I gave them. If I don't get an appointment, they're certainly not getting any of my money.
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ROTFL! Yeah that sounds about right. Par for the course in almost any doctor's office in the country. Trust me Northeat Docs are almost as bad!


Wish I could have sent you some of my doctor's office luck today. I wasn't expecting it, so I wouldn't have needed it. Since I wasn't expecting it, I told work last week that I'd have to join the 0930 training class at 1030 because I had an appointment I doubted I could reschedule since it was the first my ob-gyn's office could get me in for an annual exam when I called in APRIL.

Then I actually saw her at 0845 for my 0845 appointment, which has never ever ever happened in the (mentally adds up) seven or eight times I've been there (notwithstanding the sign that says if you're more than 15 minutes late THEY reserve the right to reschedule your appointment). So I actually got to work at 0945. (And can leave at 1115 instead of noon Friday. Yippee!)

If I didn't love this woman to pieces and bits, I would so not put up with that crap, but (a) she's a specialist in a particular ongoing health issue I have, and (b) it's like that EVERYWHERE these days anyway. :-PPPPP