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Quick Saturday update...

Before it turns into Sunday.

Slept til about 9:30. Of course, this was after waking up a little after 6. Stupid body, used to getting up early...

Got paid yesterday. Yay! Mailing it into the credit union, should get there Monday.

About 500 pages into HP5. Am trying not to read it all on the same night, mostly because I want to have something to entertain me at our little 'family gathering' tomorrow. Yawn.

If I do finish, I still have my Fragile Balance review to write... need to do that tomorrow too.

Did laundry. Clothes are good things to have.

Did my fic voting. Am now bugging others to do the same. No worries -- I'm not secretly campaigning for myself or anyone else *snerk*

Made a new vid today. Going to save it for the zine. Marvel at my self-restraint, minions!

Giants beat the As. Woohoo. My boy is on the DL, though... very sad. I think I should be there too be his moral support and nurse him back to health. I think this would include sponge baths.

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