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New drabble

Title: The New Guy
Author: Alli Snow
Spoilers: Homecoming
Rating/Category: G. Weirdness. Inspired by angellemyst's drabble.
Summary: What's the point? It's a drabble.

"Who the hell are you?" asked the fish, sounding perturbed.

Daniel blinked. His fish had never talked to him before. He wondered if Jonas had taught them English or if they were just naturally gifted. "I'm Daniel Jackson," he said, capping the fish-food container.

"Who?" asked the fish.

"I said I'm Daniel Jackson."

"Daniel who?" asked the fish.

"Daniel Jackson."

"Who Jackson?" asked the fish.

"Daniel Jackson."

"Who who?" asked the fish.

"Daniel Jackson!" he exclaimed. "I'll be taking care of you guys now."

"Ah-ha," said the fish, looking around meaningfully at his brightly-gilled companions. "So you're the new guy."

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