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Skupo's quiz

Chevron 1:
What is your favourite Stargate SG-1 season?
Season 4, narrowly, because it was my first first-run season and because I thought the majority of episodes were pretty durn enjoyable. Plus I'm a ship addict. That said, Season 6 is rapidly becoming a contender for this spot.

Chevron 2:
Who is your favourite Stargate villain?
Hathor all the way. She was evil, and horrible and nasty... but man, she was FUN too.

Chevron 3:
Who's your favourite minor character?
Jacob Carter. He and Sam are just great fun to watch.

Chevron 4:
Which team (other than SG-1) would you want to be on?
Um, you mean, besides the one whose members die least often? ;)

Chevron 5:
If you could be on a SG team, what position would you want?
Actually, I think I would prefer to work on the base. I'd be the person in charge of ordering all of Jonas' clothes, and then personally checking out the situation when he claims they're getting smaller and smaller...

Chevron 6:
If given the opportunity, would you become a Tok'ra host? (if yes, what would your symbiote's name be?)
Well, normally I would say "ew, no", but I suppose if I was dying I might have different feelings on the subject. But for the meantime, I'll stick with "ew, hell no".

Chevron 7:
If you played a character on the show, what would they be like?
Very, VERY dedicated to their profession (see Chevron 5).
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