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Is it time for my nap yet, Mommy?

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Long day at work. But 8 hours. Much money. Yay.

Got my first 'I love you' today, from a three year old named Natania. Also got to change a poopy diaper and some wet panties. Ah, such a glamorous job ;)

No work for three whole days now, although I do have to get up early tomorrow to take my car to the repair place (which, interestingly enough, is called Dallas Shanks). Called GM to see what time I should go pick her CDL-less ass up (and to confirm she's actually coming to Lola's), but she wasn't home.

Mom and I are going to make muddy buddies tonight. It's going to be hard to keep from eating all of them.

Heard the funniest Canadian tourism radio commercial today. A lot of it was just plain weird, but their tag line was: "Canada: The Queen's on our money, but here, your American dollar is king!" Heh heh.

Now -- get a drink, find a snack, or just pass out in my jammies in front of the TV? Hmmm...

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