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10 Things More Intimate Than Sex

At least, according to Netscape ;)

1. Sharing a good morning kiss - tongues and all - before you've washed or brushed anything.

2. Taking him with you while you're shopping - for swimwear.

3. Introducing her to your ex.

4. Sleeping together at your parents.

5. Leaving him alone with your purse.

6. Admitting your credit card debt.

7. Admitting you cry at some commercials.

8. Letting him witness your elaborate getting-ready routine (complete with bleaching, waxing and plucking).

9. Exchanging housekeys

10. Really, really deep eye contact.

And you know, I'm tempted to issue a fic challenge based on this list... *g* Say, can you fit 6 out of 10 of these in a fic. Any takers?

Edited to add a silly little quiz ;)

Goa'uld Lord
You're a Goa'uld Lord. You command the fleets and
armies and rule over the planets of your System
Lord masters.

What sort of Goa'uld are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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