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Laughable Lawsuits

A man is suing a bank that he attempted to rob. After employees of the bank realized that he was deaf, they were able to talk during the attempted robbery, which made it wasy for them to stall the would-be robber until police arrived. The failed bank robber is suing the bank for discrimination.

A convict in Colorado sued for early release because, he said, "Everyone knows a con only serves about 3 years of a 10-year sentence."

Robert Lee Brock, an inmate in Virginia, has filed a lawsuit against himself, claiming that he violated his own civil rights by getting arrested. He is suing for $5 million and is asking the state to pay, since he can't have an income in prison.

The Anheuser-Busch Company was sued by a man for emotional distress, because he had no luck with the ladies after drinking their product.

Jerry Williams sued and won $14,500 plus medical expenses after his neighbor's beagle bit him on the buttocks. The dog was on a chain in a fenced-in yard. Williams had been shooting the dog repeatedly with a pellet gun at the time of the incident.

Two surfers went to court after one allegedly stole the other surfer's wave. The case was dismissed after court officials found it impossible to put a monetary value on the wave.

Dorothy Johnson sued Kenmore Inc. for the death of her dog. After washing the poodle, she placed it in her Kenmore microwave, "just a few minutes, on low," to dry it off. The case was dismissed.

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