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For FJ and Petra and Yam:

This wasn't the first time that she had been featured in his dreams, of course, but he was less than thrilled by her arrival. He never got past first base with Dream-Carter anyway, and then afterwards he always felt guilty about it. Seemed that the Air Force's regulations on fraternization extended all the way into his fantasy life, the bastards.
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I'll comment.

Dream-Carter never lets him get past first base? And he feels guilty he even gets that far?!? Man, Jack has serious problems. Calling Dr. Freud.

I just think that while he's a man and is obviously going to dream about women, it doesn't always mean it'll be in a sexual sense.. Except in BtS of course ;)
I agree. If he dreamed about her I don't think it would necessarily be about sex.

Go ahead and faint now. *g*