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I seem to only remember the dreams I have in the morning. I'd set my alarm last night for 9am... of course when 9am rolled around I said 'screw it', turned it off, and went back to sleep for an hour. But it was in that hour that I had very strange dreams. One had something to do with the dorms at school, only they weren't the right buildings and I didn't know any of the people and there was something wrong with me because it took me forever to pull myself up the stairs, which doesn't make any sense because I've always lived on the first floor. Plus there was something with a kid and a cell phone and possibly Agent Smith from The Matrix, although he wasn't really Agent Smith.

But the other dream I remember was even stranger, and sad, and kind of scary... and Stargate-related of course. And actually somewhat spoilery, in a vague sense, so I'll do this...

Well, my dream was based on the episode where Janet supposably dies, even though I don't know any specifics about that episode. But it started out with Jack and Janet, and they were offworld, on top of this nice green hill with mountains all around them. And Janet was laying on the ground with one of those thermal blankets over her, even though it wasn't cold, and Jack's sitting next to her and says something like, "I'm not going to lie to you because I know you can handle it, but you're going to die." I don't know exactly what was wrong with her, but in the dream she actually did handle it very well... or I guess as well as could be expected. And Jack ended up under the blanket with her, holding her and trying to distract her from what was about to happen, and all of a sudden, in the middle of a sentence, her face went gray and bam -- she was dead.

The next scene in the dream was with Sam, who was on some other hillside, but not a nice green one... there was a lot more underbrush and dead trees. Even though she was offworld, she wasn't dressed in BDUs, and she was trying to plant a flower in a green pot but was having problems. Her hair was straight and relatively long... I guess it hung about jaw-length. There was another woman there with her, too, but I don't know who it was. Anyway, at one point she looks up and sees Jack coming up this hillside carrying Janet, still wrapped in the thermal blanket. Sam starts crying and runs down t the hill - I think she knew that this was going to happen, but still wasn't prepared to see it - and when she gets to Jack she puts her arms around his neck, and he rests his head against her's...

It creeps me out just thinking about it, because it was one of those dreams where, half the time, I was watching -- kind of a third party -- and the rest of the time I was actually in the role of one of the characters. Very disconcerting.

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