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Fic Update

Have resolved the uniform issue for the time being -- thanks to everyone who gave me a hand! You're all going down as my technical advisors! For the record, Sam will be wearing slacks, long-sleeved shirt, jacket and garrison cap ;)

Still working on Chapter Two, currently at page 33. It's coming along nicely, although I can already see where timing is going to start to become a problem. I have scenes going on on two different planets, with two different time tables. I'm going to have to do what I didn't do with Sleepers and keep good records from the beginning about what happens and when.

Trying to figure out when to first introduce the villian. I don't want to do it too early, but I don't want to wait too long either.
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ack ack ack!!
Hey Alli, finally have some info to relay about the uniforms! I had to go through a verbal thrashing to get the proper terminology from a higher-ranking officer, but I'll live. According to him, Class A's is an Army term... Sheesh. I thought it was universal, at least when it regards to the US military. The type of outfit General Hammond always wears is called a service uniform. Go figure. And hooboy, did I get it for calling the cap a garrison cap, LOL. It's apparently called a "flight cap," and just as I had thought, you hang it from your belt when you go indoors. I hope this helps! See you later!
Re: ack ack ack!!
Like I said, I'll live. :) Besides, he's just a 2LT, which isn't much of a step up from Cadet, LOL. Only difference is a 2LT gets paid a lot more. :D
Re: ack ack ack!!
Eep, my bad. Should be "service dress" up there, not "service uniform." Sorry about that!