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Heeeelp meee...

Does anyone know of a site that has pictures of USAF dress uniforms? Particularly women's uniforms?

[Edit: Okay, I've partly found what I was looking for... but I don't suppose anyone can explain the difference between, like, the class A and class B uniforms?]
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No, I don't, but I know someone who can.
This is so not going to help you, but there's a uniform thread from jackfic that you might find some info about the a and b class uniforms. I hope you're on jackfic:

The uniforms thread starts here:

The answers are here:

I hope that helps in some tiny, tiny way though it will require some, er, reading.
Re: No, I don't, but I know someone who can.
Adorable icon :)

Thanks for the links. Lets see...