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Looks like I got the job! My college units qualify me as a teacher, and not a teacher's aide, after all, so I'll be making $8.75 an hour and probably starting tomorrow; I have to call in around 3 to get my schedule. The gal who interviewed me (actually one of the daughters of the owners) gave me a little tour of the place, which is really very impressive. It's all a little overwhelming at first, of course, but everyone there seems really nice and the kids are just adorable. And yes, Sue, I made sure to mention that I couldn't work the afternoon of the 13th ;)

Now, I have to go fill out a bleepload of paperwork and figure out how the heck I'm supposed to get my medical records faxed to me from UOP. Eek!

[Edit: Just for fun...

You are a Battleship. You're not here to make
friends, but those who are on your side would
not want to be with anyone else, and certainly
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and strong and feel superior firepower is a
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