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Only one entry today (well, technically yesterday). Haven't done that in a while.

A lazy yet productive day. Watched a baseball game. Did some work on the zine (including a quiz that I'm strangely proud of). Rode the stationary bike. Wrote a page or so of fic.

And, oh, why not...

But this time she wasn't merely vomiting up facts she'd cobbled together from research and observation. She wasn't being asked to provide information, she was being asked to provide a solution. A solution, sure, maybe not the solution, because Hammond would let her know in no uncertain terms if he thought she was off her nut, but the subtle shift was enough to unnerve her. This was O'Neill's job, after all, not hers.

But O'Neill wasn't here.

Hoping hoping hoping that either my new Koontz book or my zine will be here tomorrow.

Now... off to bed. :)

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