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Just like riding a bike

Just got back from my first bike ride in, well, ages. Certainly since I've been driving (almost three years) and probably more than that. Once I remembered which handle controls which break, and after dad decided that my helmet couldn't be jammed down any further over my ears (I appreciate that he cares about my brains not being splattered all over the sidewalk, but does he do this with Jamie? No), it was a piece of cake.

But man, did I feel the burn. Prepare for major whining about muscle soreness tomorrow. Right now I just have overcooked spaghetti legs, which should be interesting once I get into the shower.

I've been having so many weird dreams lately. Last night I had a fanfic dream... one of those dreams in a somewhat narrative form that makes perfect storytelling sense when you're asleep, could be the best thing you've ever written if only you could commit it to paper (or computer screen) -- and then when you wake up, you either can't remember it or it seems like something out of a bad acid trip or both. All I remember was it was Stargate (obviously) and that, in the dream, I was a guy. A guy character, that is. I think I worked in the infirmary, because I was friends with Janet -- but only friends, because I think I have a girlfriend, and my girlfriend wanted me to make some really important decision about my career, and so did Janet (who was kind of a boss/mentor in the dream) and, well, while I was asleep it sounded like a perfectly awsome OC-based story.

*sighs in frustration*

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