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Just watched the SHIELD season finale. What do I even say? Every character had something momentous happen, for good or bad. And that ending...

By the way, every time Ward shows his true colors I think about that person, a year or so ago, who unfriended me when I called Ward a psychopath. And I wonder what mental contortions she's going through to tell herself that her shmoopie doesn't really mean it, is still being controlled by others, is just misunderstood, etc. I wondered for a while if they were going to go into a redemption arc for him, but he's only gotten worse. Which I'm fine with, by the way. Every crew of heroes needs a villain.

Oh, and I may be biased, but Ant-Man looks stupid beyond belief.
Well, at this point the Stand-With-Ward crowd is hollering about how the writers have betrayed abuse victims everywhere, how they hate Bobbi (oh, the irony) and how they're done with the show and will live firmly in denial in a world where Ward and Kara walk happily hand in hand into the sunset. (No, I am not making this up. Well, maybe the sunset.)
People can justify everything. It's a dick move, but it can be done. Ward proves it--that's his move, to blame every bad thing he ever does on his (legitimately traumatizing) past. So I guess it's fitting that his fans pull the same thing.