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Had to log back in to say that, OMG, I don't even care whose side Ward is really on, other than his own, but I'm pretty sure that his is the most punchable face on television today. Even seeing the actor's name pop up on twitter raises my blood pressure which is obviously unfair. Actually it might be considered a compliment to him, I suppose.

After S1 ended someone on my f-list - I honestly don't remember who, other than it must have been someone I met through be_compromised - made a post basically lamenting how badly poor Ward's been treated by everybody, and I made a comment about how he's kinda a psychopath, and she went ballistic and unfriended me. I sort of wish I remembered who it was because I'm sure she's also over on tumblr or some other venue, and I'd love to see how she'd spin his actions from the last few episodes. Blah blah blah redemption blah blah something probably. And honestly, knowing Whedonish tendencies, I wouldn't be surprised if the show eventually goes there. I guess I've just seen so much villain-worship, especially in this fandom - *cough*Loki*cough* that it gets pretty tiring.

TL;DR: If someone doesn't punch Ward soon, I will have a sad.
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Ward needs to go die in a fire. I am totally, completely, %100 uninterested in any redemption arc for him, and I cannot imagine how anyone could be, given what we know of him. Yes, he had a shitty chldhood. Yes, Garret used some pretty effective brainwashing techniques on him. But you know what? Ward had years to get over the brainwashing and didn't. Even now, he honestly, genuinely, does not get why his whole way of thinking is creepy-bad-wrong. Sure, he may regret some of his actions ... but not the ideology and thought process that caused him to do it.

Mike Peterson, now, or some of the other villains or morally ambiguous characters, they'd be awesome to have a whole redemption arc for. Ward isn't morally ambiguous, he's an evil douche. There's a difference.
I think maybe the 'it's not his fault/he can be redeemed' sentiment bothers me because it makes me wonder if these people feel the same way about ACTUAL monsters. It's one thing to appreciate the writing of a character, or an actor's portrayal (I'm happy to admit that BD is a talented bastard :)) but so many of these women seem to get emotionally entangled with these reprehensible characters... /smh
Yes, this.

But women are trained to think that all white men--no matter how reprehensible--are salvageable, and especially if the love of a good woman could redeem them. That's the whole myth. After college I lived with my aunt for a while, and she reads Harlequin romances voraciously. I read a good number, too, while I was there, and a very high percentage of them have "heroes" who are abusive (textbook everything except physical harm), but it's all right in the end because he realizes he actually does love her and so of course he'll never treat her like that again. I learned to spot those really quickly and go on to something else. But this is the writing aimed at women, you know. It's the great lie we're told from childhood: that if he's nice at least some of the time, and if he says the right things some of the time, that he can't be thatbad, and we should forgive him for everything.

Fuck that noise. Some people are monsters. And yeah, monsters can change, sometimes--but not when people make excuses for them and talk about how misunderstood they are.

I mean, yeah, sure, Ward had a shitty childhood, and was actively brainwashed and manipulated by Garrett most of his adult life. You can pity him for that and acknowledge that he's been screwed over and still hold him accountable for the things he's done. You can't even begin to talk about redemption arcs until and unless he figures out why he was wrong--not just that he's sorry he got caught, not just that he's trying to get back into their good graces, but that he actually gets a clue. And that will probably never happen, but you know, it might, and until it does you can't even begin to talk about where does he go from here.

There's also a racial aspect to all this--while I can name a huge number of white characters in fiction in various media who are evil/abusive jerks who get "redeemed," I can't really think of a black man or Asian man with a similar character arc.