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Whoa it's kind of dusty around here...

Had to log back in to say that, OMG, I don't even care whose side Ward is really on, other than his own, but I'm pretty sure that his is the most punchable face on television today. Even seeing the actor's name pop up on twitter raises my blood pressure which is obviously unfair. Actually it might be considered a compliment to him, I suppose.

After S1 ended someone on my f-list - I honestly don't remember who, other than it must have been someone I met through be_compromised - made a post basically lamenting how badly poor Ward's been treated by everybody, and I made a comment about how he's kinda a psychopath, and she went ballistic and unfriended me. I sort of wish I remembered who it was because I'm sure she's also over on tumblr or some other venue, and I'd love to see how she'd spin his actions from the last few episodes. Blah blah blah redemption blah blah something probably. And honestly, knowing Whedonish tendencies, I wouldn't be surprised if the show eventually goes there. I guess I've just seen so much villain-worship, especially in this fandom - *cough*Loki*cough* that it gets pretty tiring.

TL;DR: If someone doesn't punch Ward soon, I will have a sad.
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