Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

It's happened...

I think I'm finally in that stage of show-addiction... you know, the one where every song you hear reminds you of it?

I think there should be some kind of fandom threat level system... one that progresses from watching to downloading to madly googling for spoilers to the song thing to actually dreaming about the characters to writing fanfic...

I watched Maleficent last night and, while Angelina's makeup and costume were gorgeous, everything else was pretty much horrendous. Dreadful. Dreck. It made me want to go rewatch the animated Sleeping Beauty which, while definitely not my favorite, was at least better than that.

I also watched Oculus - and apparently Phillip from Maleficent is Tim in this and also the guy in The Maze Runner - and it was fabulous up until the end, which I didn't think was worthy of the rest of the movie. Aside from that, it's my favorite kind of horror movie -- the kind with an emphasis on dread and creepiness over outright gore. But the end didn't do it for me.
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