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The 100... wait, 98... 97... erm, hold on, let me recount...

So I binge-watched The 100 and I thought it was pretty good. I mean, if you ignore the quasi-scientifical stuff and just accept that everyone looks way too makeuped-and-blowdried most of the time and also why the Grounders all speak English without any kind of accent I mean I know they're on the east coast of the US and it's only been a century but c'mon but really for the most part it exceeded my expectations in terms of characterization which, let's be honest, is the most important thing. And the finale cliffhanger was pretty damned interesting (although super reminiscent of the end of Resident Evil).

However, no interest in looking into fandom because besides every manner of slasher I would also have to contend with Bellamy/Clarke and I can just not get behind that.
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