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Greetings, LiveJournal that I've been neglecting in favor of Facebook! But really, when Facebook is covered in your family and coworkers, LJ does come in handy.

I had invitations from family to go spend the 4th with them, but this is my first Independence Day in my 'new' place - I moved in last August - so I kind of wanted to see how it went down out here. Fireworks are legal in this county, and they aren't in the county where I've always lived. Of course, that doesn't mean there are any fewer... it just means that they don't raise my blood pressure quite as much. For whatever reason. The cats, on the other hand... well, 3/4 of them are in hiding. Lou is pretty unflappable.

There was a big 4th of July festival down by the waterfront today, which I checked out. They have a lot of fairs - or is it faires? - and craft shows and things down there, but that's definitely the most people I have ever seen there at one time. When my hometown would have a fireworks show, people would bring blankets out to the park and sit on the lawn while the kids ran around. Normal stuff like that. But this was more of a concert atmosphere, with lots of vendor booths (although, sadly, my favorite olive oil/balsamic vinegar people were not there) and food stands and everything. And on the lawn... wow. Forget the blankets and ice chests. People had set up those big awnings, the same kind that the vendors were using, and had banquet tables full of food, like they were all holding their own private parties... right next to everyone else doing the same thing. Much more elaborate than I had expected. I think next year maybe I'll try and convince my family to spend the 4th here instead.

I did walk around a bit, got some snacks, etc, but it was hot and crowded and... I don't know. It just felt like it was all families and I felt like I was the one solo loitering weirdo. Any other emotions I'm blaming on hormones. So I came home and took a nap. Yay naps. And a bath. Yay baths.

Now I'm immersed in The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennett and, because it's completely necessary, rewatching the Lizzie Bennett Diaries. Lizzie just started stint at Pemberly. Gigi is adorable and Lydia is infuriating and Darcy is Darcylicious and it's wonderful escapism. And I guess the format of the book got me thinking more about journaling. Away from the family, that is.

ETA: Good golly, I had forgotten how marvelous Episode 83 is. Absolutely the most UST of any corporate interview I've ever seen. *watches the shoulder touch again and giggles like a mad thing*

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