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Amusing Story of the Week: Muslim Woman Sues to Wear Veil in Driver's License Photo

Personally, I think that driving is a privilege, not a right, and as a privilege you have to jump through hoops to get it. Having your face photographed is one of those things (and I really doubt there is anything about photographs in the Quran). If she doesn't like it, she can take the bus.

I'm so mean spirited ;)

My boys played beautifully tonight, won 10-2 against Arizona, and the Dodgers lost. That puts us 2 games up on them, with an off-day tomorrow.

Mom and I made rocky road fudge and muddy buddies tonight. Mmm...

Dad and I are finally going to see The Matrix: Reloaded tomorrow. I'm kinda stunned that I haven't been spoiled yet -- and that is not an invitation, people!

I'm worse than someone with a New Years dieting resolution... I told myself yesterday that henceforth I would write at least one page of fic a night... and then I went to bed without putting down a word. I figure if I actually write my resolution down, there's a better chance I'll follow through with it.

Why, why, why can't there be any babysitting jobs in the East Bay? I'm not even asking for a five minute commute... just something that isn't Atherton or Palo Alto or San Jose. Come on parents, work with me here!

Thank God, the SJ list has finally calmed down. This is the eye of the storm, though; Americans are going to bed and the UKers are just now getting up. So I expect a return to chaos fairly soon.

[Edit: Wanted to list my latest batch of song reccs for those who're interested.

Dana Glover -- Rain
Feel - Got Your Name on It
Franky Perez -- Something Crazy
Michelle Branch -- Are You Happy Now?
Josh Kelley -- Amazing
Sister Hazel -- Your Mistake
Sugar Ray -- Mr. Bartender
Chantel Kreviazuk -- In This Life
Uncle Kracker -- Drift Away
Jason Mraz -- The Remedy
Train -- Calling All Angels
Lifehouse -- Take Me Away
Maroon 5 -- Harder to Breathe
Third Eye Blind -- Blinded When I See You
John Mayer -- Why Georgia]

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