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School crafting!

Okay, so here's the pictures of what I've been doing to keep myself busy since school got out. I apologize for the bad quality... my camera phone isn't anything special.


My classroom passes. The picture frame was on clearance at Michael's for $8, and the tags were about $0.50 each. I also bought some cord in case the twine gives out. I made the 'Passes' sign in PS using resources from - it's free! - and labelled the passes themselves with my new oil-based paint Sharpies. Then I Mod Podged over the words to make them a little extra resiliant. I know chances are that the passes won't last the year but I'm hoping that it's just so cute that the kids will be inspired to take care of them ;)


Classroom mailbox. I got this for free from a teacher who retired but it was grimy and grungy and a hot mess. I spray painted it black - not all that well, I admit, but I used two cans and was just kind of over it - and used washi tape around the edges. Looks 100% better.


A close-up. I saw this trick on Pinterest (I got most of these ideas from there) - instead of using stickers to label each space, use binder clips, because then you can move them around if you need to. (They're numbers instead of names because I don't know my students' names yet! Plus it's pretty standard practice to assign each student a number... really helps with organization.


Paper chains!


Paper pennant!


Pinterest, yes. A pizza pan from the dollar store, washi tape, dollar store glass 'gems,' numbers I printed out and magnets from Michaels. When a kid leaves the room, s/he moves their assigned number to the correct spot.


Because I'm going to be in 3rd grade, I don't have to have a cutesy kiddie calendar. I can have an awesome 'grown up' calendar! I bought the white board at Michaels and got the number magnets and Amazon. They were glued onto the circles which I cut from the same scrapbook paper as the paper crafts above. The black is Sharpie (which is easy to remove from white boards if you need to) and the purple is Expo marker which can obviously be erased and updated for each month.


Another Pinterest project! This goes on the wall above the turn-in basket and acts as a reminder for students to put their damn names on their work. And if you don't, you clip the no name paper up there and hopefully it gets claimed/the offending students are properly chastened. Dollar store frame, PS-made sign, and dollar store clothespins that I dyed with fabric dye. Can you tell that I have a color scheme?

I think my next project will be snazzing up a plastic storage drawer thing I got at a yard sale and working some more on the USPS boxes I'm repurposing as storage cubbies.

Yes. Pinterest. It's as cracktastic as Tumblr but with fewer psychos.

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