Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

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Efficient procrastination

I've been working on some different crafting projects the last couple of days - hoping to take some pictures tomorrow when there's light - and it's amazing how efficient I can be when I'm supposed to be writing.

The projects are all decorating and organizationy things for my classroom for next year... turning boxes into storage cubbies, making number magnets from dollar store gems, making bathroom/office passes and a no name paper board and, tonight, some coordinating paper chain and pennants. Mostly stuff that's pretty unnecessary - I already had passes that were functional, although a little beat up - but I just have this image of my classroom as this beautiful, color-coordinated wonderland because, of course, that will mean my students will all be thoughtful and well-behaved and hard-working. That's exactly how it works, right?

Okay... I'm really going to go write now :)

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