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I just woke up from a totally creepy dream. And I'm not sure what was creepier... the subject matter - a class of manipulative empaths who are planning a coup to overthrow the rest of humanity and kill most of us - or the fact that I actually seemed to revise the plot of the dream from inside the dream. Like, in the first 'draft' the empaths were all huge floating stone heads (and apparently Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were among them). Then I realized that there should be some kind of creepy romance between the two groups so the giant stone heads turned into regular-sized people who wore freaky-deaky masks. And all the time it didn't seem like it was actually happening... more like it was a book I was reading or a movie I was watching, and I remember thinking, as an observer, "I wish I had come up with this so I could write it."

Then, right around the time one of the major characters made a horrifying discovery, I woke up. And wrote down everything I could remember.

My brain is weird.
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