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A post on religion!

So I've been doing some reading about the English Reformation - writing research - and it's been a bit of a struggle because I really know very little about Catholicism. Heck, let's be honest... growing up I would always mark 'Methodist' on forms and surveys but I haven't been to church regularly since high school, so I only know slightly more about the Protestant side of thing. But it's interesting, and like I said... research.

I know the basics of Henry wanting his marriage with Catherine annulled, being refused, and eventually declaring himself the head of the Church of England. The politics of it make sense. However, I'm interested in the theological aspects. Did Henry just do it for expediency? For example, one of the articles I read mentioned that Henry didn't want to leave Catherine without getting his dispensation from the Pope because then Rome would have excommunicated him. Did he legitimately believe in the power of the Pope to keep him out of heaven, or was he afraid it would threaten his rule? I guess my question is... how devout a Catholic could Henry have been considering he up and usurped the Pope's power?

Thoughts? Reccs? Links?
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