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A tedious screed on writing

Lately I've been thinking more about writing non-fanficish things.

I went through a period of several years, actually, where I was focused on original stuff. I won NaNo - as in, I hit the 50K mark - for three consecutive years with original concepts and characters. But I never actually finished a story.

Then Avengers and Clint/Natasha sucked me back into fandom - albeit a snug, happy little corner of it - and I ended up writing 170,000+ words in that particular universe. And I feel like my foray into original writing did some good... I'm more comfortable with original characters and complex plots than I was, say, back in my Stargate-fic days.

Now, when Cap 2 comes out in a couple weeks, I might be sucked back in. It's altogether possible. But rereading the ASoIaF books - which I finished today - as well as rereading Sanderson's The Way of Kings - which I started today - has made me think more about constructing my own sandboxes to play in.

The thing is, I know I should start simple. But I've never been good at short stories. I don't even really like reading them, much less writing them. I like long, complicated epics with large (although not Martin-worthy) character lists and maps and timelines and histories and whatnot. Those are the kinds of stories I tackled for NaNo... and I always ended up feeling bogged down and creatively exhausted by the end of November, with little to no desire to take up the pen keyboard again to finish the story. In fact, until 2012's From Fire by Fire (yes, shameless fanfic plug) I had never actually completed a NaNo project.

But at least FFbF proved that it can be done.
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