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A Fantastic Four reboot? Really, there's just no reason for that.
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Hear, hear. Besides, Johnny Storm is busy masquerading as Captain America.
Well, they've solved any problem of resemblance there by making this Johnny black (...wait, aren't he and Sue siblings?)
I thought that, and then a friend told me that they're race-bending Sue and Johnny Storm, so my response changed to okay then.
Sue still looks white to me :)

(Still no good reason. At least it's not another Hulk.)
Seriously? Well that's just fail *head desk*. What, were they too scared of pairing a black Sue with a white Reed or something.

I would watch another Hulk film if it was Mark Ruffalo. Let's face it, it wouldn't be too hard to do better than what's gone before.
Yeah, from what I've seen she's played by Kate Mara, who's about as white as they come. *shrugs*

And a third Hulk movie that was just a blank screen would be better than what's gone before ;)
I'll return to consigning that film to the do not need pile again then.

Exactly *grins*.
Half siblings then? Interesting. But not interesting enough for me to want to see the movie. It's a bit like that remake of Red Dawn they did with Chris Hemsworth -- up there in the realm of the Utterly Unnecessary.

Then again, I get ticked off when they remake GOOD movies, so maybe remaking shitty ones is the better way? Hmm.
I dunno... rebooting crappy Spiderman into slightly-less-crappy Amazing Spiderman didn't seem worth it, either.