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Yay, I'm back on LJ! I don't know what the problem was, but it's fixed, and that's all that matters.

I've kind of been overdosing on Game of Thrones/ASoIaF lately. I'm not proud of it, but it's true. It starte out when I got addicted to the Facebook game, GoT: Ascent, which follows the show. Then I decided to risk my mental health and reread all five books. And the 4th season of the show starts April.

This all may have something to do with why I'm having GoT-related dreams. And then when I was looking over the prompts submitted to the be_compromised Valentine's Day Promptathon - shameless plug - and saw the prompts for AUs, well, you can guess where my mind went.

So, in an Avengers/GoT crossover, what/who would everyone be?

Natasha: Hard to think about assassins in this universe without considering the Faceless Men. (Natasha and Arya, YES.)

Clint: A sellsword? One of the Golden Company, or even the Brotherhood without Banners (hey, Anguy is an archer. And the idea of Clint paling around with Gendry makes me giggle)?

Tony: A maester, or an ex-maester... someone akin to Qyburn? Of course, if it was Tony, Robert Strong would just be a magically-animated suit of armor.

Thor: A lord of something or other, possibly in the south?

Steve: A knight from somewhere in the north (I mean, dude was frozen in ice for how long?)... maybe even a member of the Night's Watch?

Bruce: This is a tough one...

Loki: A Frey ;)

Coulson: I don't know, but if you take Agents of SHIELD into account, he'd probably have something to do with the followers of R'hllor. ;)

Fury: I can't decide if he would be a lord of some stripe, or someone more like Varys. Just, ya know, with... balls.

Wow, I feel incredibly nerdy right now :)
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Well, when Bruce snaps, he turns into Hodor ... And Maria Hill is one of the Sand Snakes.

Clint could be the Kingslayer: Shitty father; bad rep over that whole killing thing despite secretly admirable motivation; lousy taste in his first serious relationship; oddball brother; may yet turn into a hero.
Well, when Bruce snaps, he turns into Hodor

LOL, but Hodor is so NICE. I was thinking Bruce in a way is kind of a... backwards warg? Instead of putting his mind into the body of an animal, the mind of an animal sorta takes over his body?

And Maria Hill is one of the Sand Snakes.

Heh, that I an see.

Clint could be the Kingslayer

There are definitely parallels, but I was thinking more in terms of who they would be in that universe, not which characters they were most like. The Kingslayer position is already taken ;) and besides, although I've come to rather like Jaime over the course of the books, that whole having-kids-with-your-sister thing is... yeah... um...

Somehow I see Steve as one of Danerys's entourage from the North. That displaced feeling, even if the whole "frozen in ice" thing feels right too.

I can see Clint as 1) someone beyond the Wall, 2) A Night's Watch, or 3) from the Vale of Arryn. I HAVE ALL THESE THOUGHTS ABOUT CLINT OKAY.

Why do I see Thor as a Tyroshi Stormcrow?

Natasha is absolutely a Faceless Man, I'm with ya on that.

Tony and Bruce...ooh, those are tough. *thinks*
Steve feels like a knight to me - albeit one of the more morally-conflicted kind - but as Dany is the least-objectional would-be monarch still alive, they do seem like they would get along ;)

Oh yeah, Clint could totes be a wildling, or one of the Black Brothers (which is interesting considering they're sworn enemies) and Arryn definitely has that whole 'seeing better from a distance' thing going for it.

Thor as a Tyroshi... well, they do like their bright colors and pretty things :)