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Watching the US Figure Skating Championships and none of the girls are looking very good.

Maybe the ice is crappy :\
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I don't judge anyone who cracks under the stress -- in front of millions of critics who have themselves never laced up skates, let alone performed a triple jump. Having competed in World Cup level events myself (once upon a time, not in skating) I can attest to the fact that yes, mental stamina counts for almost as much as physical. It is the hardest thing to train for, though, and ultimately only comes with experience. Holding a qualifying event so close to the Olympics is pretty cruel, especially given the age of some of the athletes -- even if it is a test of their ability to come through in the medal crunch. Whoever emerges from this event on top may just have acquired the necessary hard shell to pull it off.

Yeah, it always amazes me to see these 15 and 16 year olds competing at such a high level - it did when I was that age, and even more so now - because on top of having the physicality that the sport demands, there's such a huge mental component. It's not like football or baseball where there are other people to watch... it's just you. And you can see how hard it is for the skaters to compose themselves and refocus and put it out of their heads, and next thing you know, one mistake becomes two or three. And it's heartbreaking to watch.
The pair skating earlier was AMAZING. I taped the later stuff but haven't watched it myself; will I be sad?
I missed the pair skating. And... well, probably a little sad. It's always hard to watch these skaters not perform as well as they know they can.