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I bought these fleece-lined legging online and they came and I wanted to wear them today, so I decided to wear a skirt, which I do so infrequently that when I do, people at work always feel the need to comment on it. And because it's been a little chilly in the morning, I decided to also wear my knee-high boots instead of flats like normal.

Coworker: Hey, you look nice! You must be going on a date after school.


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That's funny because I got the same kind of reaction from a guy friend yesterday. "You look nice! Are you trying to impress someone?" I was like, "No, it's my Thursday outfit." Can't I just look nice without having to impress someone or make it look like I'm trying to look nice for a guy??
Yeah, that's part of it. But also, geesh, it's not like I dress like crap most of the time. In fact I'm at least in the top 1/3 of dressers among our staff. You wouldn't think that going from slacks and flats to skirt and boots would cause any kind of kerfuffle.

On the other hand, I had several students tell me they liked my outfit, and THAT's never annoying :)