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Intelligence & Person of Interest

So, it's a pilot, and it did the things that pilots are supposed to do: lay the groundwork, introduce the cocky leading man and the confident leading lady and toss in a little UST, give them an overall plot arc and an enemy. It was pretty predictable in that regard, but I'll tune in next Monday and see if it grabs me. Holloway's not bad to look at, and there's something about that slight Georgia accent...

I still miss Carter, but I do appreciate that this show has embraced the idea of the bad-ass woman with Shaw ("I've got finesse coming out of my ass") and Root ("Isn't she the best?) - and even Control. I also appreciate the irony of Fusco having to sort of rescue Reese from himself. And their appearance at the end made me grin. Poor John.

In book-related news, playing Game of Thrones: Ascent has inspired me to try reading all of the novels (thus far) back-to-back. Because I'm insane, apparently.
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